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When a ship’s mascot turns out to be your fiancé

Sea travel is the way to go, not just for solo travelers, families, and groups, but also for lovers. This was shown recently, as MV 2GO Masagana – one of 2GO’s newest and fastest vessels – became witness to a marriage proposal onboard.


Arvielyn Vasquez and her boyfriend Delfin Albito, Jr., both 24 years old, were onboard MV 2GO Masagana sailing from Manila to Cagayan De Oro and back.


The proposal aboard MV 2GO Masagana happened, thanks to Delfin taking advantage of 2GO’s Summer Saya Sail promo back in May. This allowed him to buy Arvielyn tickets from Manila to Cagayan De Oro vice versa, each with a bunk fare of Php99.


“Nung nakita kong may promo sa 2GO, [doon ko naisip na i-book ko siya] roundtrip. [Isa itong] malaking [pagkakataong] mapasakay ko siya rito,” Delfin shares.


Delfin was working on MV 2GO Masagana as part of its crew. But during onboard programs, he is 2GO’s Captain Shippy mascot. Meanwhile, Arvielyn either watched him on the job or enjoyed the amenities and views of the islands, which the vessel provides.


On July 8, while the 2GO crew was conducting its Onboard Saya program, Arvielyn was among the passengers called in to be blindfolded and guess the item she was made to hold.

Unknown to her, however, Delfin’s fellow crew members set up balloons and a board, both bearing the words, “Will you marry me?”


Delfin knelt initially while posing as Captain Shippy and when Arvielyn’s blindfold was removed, she was speechless. It took a while before the Arvielyn gave her “yes” to Delfin. She didn’t have any idea that the love of her life would ask her to be with him forever in this trip.


Back where it all began


It was “love at first smile” for Delfin when he first met Arvielyn on a 2GO vessel sailing for Cebu back in 2020. A native of Mandaue City, Cebu, Arvielyn always travels by sea whenever she goes to her hometown.


He then asks for her number, and since then, they have been communicating with each another for a year and seven months. Come December 2021, they both not only went on a sailcation to Cebu aboard MV 2GO Maligaya, another one of 2GO’s newest vessels. It was also then that they decided to embark on a romantic relationship.


Seven months later, 2GO once more became a witness to a new chapter in Delfin and Arvielyn’s lives with the proposal aboard MV 2GO Masagana.


The couple plans to get married in Mandaue in 2024.


“Sa mga gustong sumakay [diyan], sama-sama tayo sa 2GO kasi dito kayo makakahanap ng forever,” Delfin says.




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