2GO Group, Inc.

2GO: Future Ready

2GO, the largest integrated logistics and transportation provider in the country, is investing around PHP150 million to help modernize the company through enabling technology to meet future customer demands critical in the new normal.

Important technological initiatives on digitization and automation have been deployed across the company’s core businesses that will considerably improve the group’s competitiveness and achieve long-term goals.

To cater to the growth of the courier and ecommerce business, 2GO Express invested in new technology that enhances efficiency, speeds up processing times, and allows scalability while improving reliability. Investments in automated sorting machines in its hub facilities will now facilitate the processing of more than 140,000 parcels a day, thereby granting the faster delivery of parcels to consumers.

Moreover, 2GO Express also deployed innovative transport management systems. These optimize 2GO Express’s delivery by modernizing destination mapping and vehicle routing. This new technology will allow customers real time tracking of shipments to support their planning and consumption.

“Ultimately, these changes are geared to enhance our customers’ buying experience which has been the central focus of 2GO,” Waldo C. Basilla, 2GO Group Chief Operating Officer said.

For 2GO Logistics, the business implemented technology improvements to increase its operating output. First, it completed the deployment of modern warehouse management system. This will streamline its workflows electronically, improve customer integration, order, and inventory management, thereby improving its ability to accurately serve its customers’ fulfillment requirements.

Second, a new transport management system was implemented to optimally plan deliveries to the modern trade, improving the number of drops and lowering cost. Additionally, with the implementation of GPS-enabled trucks, 2GO is now able to offer a transport control tower solution that further provides the ability to track deliveries real time to increase reliability.

Finally, for its distribution business, the company is enhancing demand planning systems to aid in forecasting and in ensuring the availability of goods on the shelves of retail partners. In response to its growing network, 2GO is implementing a platform that will allow it to streamline and adapt its procurement process to the new normal.

“As a technology professional, I am excited to be part of the digital transformation at 2GO. This allows 2GO to position itself to serve its customers’ evolving requirements,” Gigi Puno, 2GO Group Chief Information Officer said.

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