2GO Express

2GO Express advocates road safety and courtesy for its riders

BACOLOD CITY – 2GO Express took its advocacy for road safety to the streets at the Dancing Traffic Enforcers Challenge, as part of the recently concluded MassKara Festival 2022: Balik Yuhum.

2GO Express riders were game to be among the motorists guided by spinning and swaying traffic enforcer contestants at the corner of North Capitol Rd. and Gatuslao St.

“Our participation demonstrates our commitment to upholding courtesy towards traffic authorities wherever we are present,” said Deney Hinojas, 2GO Express Head of Fleet Management.

“We are committed to delivering parcels in their best condition, but it is also equally important for us to show respect to everyone by keeping in mind their safety and by following government rules and regulations,” he added.

To support its drive for road safety, 2GO Express conducts defensive driving training every six months.

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