Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Keeping up with consumer demands can be challenging for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. With the constant fluctuations on the required volume of goods, 2GO provides unique regular and frequent transportation services to key consumption areas nationwide, allowing supply chain leaders to plan an efficient and lean network.

Our extensive inventory node and transportation network covers 175 key locations located in the National Capital Region, North, Central, and South Luzon, Western, Eastern, and Central Visayas, North and South Mindanao. Our technology can track and provide analytics to monitor products by expiration date, batch number, lot number, and location.

2GO also developed a robust modern trade delivery solution that leverages its extensive cross dock and transportation capability. Cross docking is where products are distributed directly to a customer or retail chain with marginal to no handling and storage time. This type of capability creates a ‘just-in-time’ shipping process with the progression of unloading goods from an incoming delivery, and then loading it right away to outbound vehicles.

Using concepts of shared economy, large principals share different delivery formats as required at the destinations. This model provides manufacturers and brands optimal inventory flow and increased stock fulfillment at lower handling and delivery cost per unit, while enhancing delivery reliability.

Cross-docking is hinged on 2GO’s regular and multi-day delivery schedules that enable efficient replenishment of food and essentials to the shelves. The solutions enable faster inventory, avoid supply chain disruptions, and more importantly, bring down costs.


At 2GO, we have highly customized facilities to shared facilities, our experienced team can deliver the appropriate answer to meet your warehousing requirements.

Our dedicated team could design customized solutions to provide an adaptable operating program, with all the necessary inventory management and order execution functionality.

Sea Solutions

We have shipping solutions that are distinct and tailored to our clients’ needs. 2GO operations range from large-scale ambient and temperature-controlled type of operations adaptable to FMCG industry. End-to-end solutions control the capability of our intermodal team, express partner networks, and container providers, allowing us to support our customers with cost-effective results.


We provide a fully cohesive service to our clients. Helping brands with fulfilment to all channels, including major retailers, merchants, eCommerce, and other unique marketplaces by offering storage solution, collect and dispatch, reverse logistics, track & trace, and last mile facilities through our integrated delivery service network.

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