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Enterprise Wide-Risk Management Program (ERM)

2GO Group implements a program of risk management through the identification, analysis, management and monitoring of risks which can most impact the Company’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Board of Directors is tasked to oversee the risk management program of the Company through the Risk Oversight Committee.  More details below.

The Board of Directors sets the overall risk tolerance for 2GO Group, Inc. and delegates the responsibility ofmanaging all the Group’s risk exposures to therespective business unit head with the oversight functions from theRisk Oversight Committee. The Committee designed the RiskManagement Framework, which was subsequently reviewed and approved by the Board.

Risk Oversight Committee / Board level

  • Approvalof the Enterprise Risk Management Program;
  • Oversight of the processes by which risks are managed including:
    • Articulating the overall risk tolerance levels;
    • Monitoring 2GO Group, Inc. Risk Management performance
For 2020, the Group continuously worked on developing the ERM program, addressing Business Continuity Plansof the various business units. Should a risk exposure be unavoidable, the ability to quickly rebound and recoverfrom a threat or disaster has always been the objective. More attention has been given on the technology side asreliance on systems and business applications for operations has steadily increased. All Crisis Management andEmergency Response Teams (ERT) of the business units are training and drilling on a periodic basis to graduallytreat or respond to all types of risks the Group is exposed to. The Risk Management Department shall providesupport and assistance during the entire process.The business units continue to update their Risk Registers as well as their respective (BCP) Business ContinuityPlans as part of the Group’s strategy to ensure that personnel and assets are protected and able to function in theevent of a disaster. The following is the framework of the ERM programfor the year:

The following is the framework of the ERM program for the year.

  1. Updating of Emergency Response Teams
  2. Updating of Emergency Response Teams
    • Training/ drilling of ERM concepts and protocols to all Crisis Management / ERTs
    • ERM Risk Treatment Mechanisms
    • Business Continuity Plans Test
    • Monitoring and Process Audit

The Group understands that this is an on-going process and that it will continue to evolve as the organization grows.Such is the dynamic nature of risk management, the ability of the Group to learn, adapt and rebound from any risk,threat or disaster. The ERM Program of the Group will gradually be a major contributor in helping the organizationachieve its goals, and in the future be the backbone in the thrust for corporate resiliency.