Position Details


  • The Management Trainee is strategic support for succession planning for critical positions under Sea Solutions. The Management Trainee works under the supervision of supervisors, and managers as they undergo total business immersion to understand department policies and functions until he is assigned to focused departments under Control Tower and Freight Operations, where the Management Trainee performs project management until the post-project assessment is presented to the Executive Panel. The Management Trainee is expected to acquire the essential defined competencies to enable them to assume the responsibility of a Manager position after completing the course.

Job Qualifications

  • Fresh Graduates ideally B.S. Industrial Engineering and related disciplines or B.S. in Business Management
  • Strong Analytical and problem-solving skills, with project management skills, results oriented.
  • Team player, collaborative, persistent, highly motivated, and driven.
  • Optimistic view.
  • Ability to multi-task.

Skills and Competencies Requirements

Successful candidates need to understand the policies and functions of each department and the interrelationships of different departments to support the value proposition of 2GO:

a. Assumes assigned roles

b. Attends department/ coordination meetings

They assist managers in deriving and analyzing data to identify process improvements. Develop, defends, and implement projects for :

a. operational efficiency

b. new product/service

Also, assists in people management and regularly submits admin reports.

Application Form