Position Details


To oversee and monitor that the claims is on a manageable level, on-time processing of claims payment and to see to it that preventive measures are being assessed and implemented.


  • Conducts claims and other administrative investigations, not necessarily directly directed to claims
  • Coordinates with clients concerning customer complaints and claims
  • Prepares regular reports on all matters within his line of responsibility
  • Informs concerned branches and Customer Interaction Center(CIC) as regards to shipper/ consignee’s disposition regarding damaged shipment
  • Sends Cargo Claims Incident Report (CCIR) to concerned parties within 24 hours.
  • Assures and implements the proper and prompt responses /replies to customer claims and complaints
  • Performs field work and investigations related to customer claims and complaints
  • Prepare Claims Investigation Report
  • Assures that timely charge-notices are sent to parties who will be charged with claims losses.
  • Implements existing office policies and procedures and reports non-compliance with claims procedures by operating units
  • Secures records of all office-correspondences
  • Furnish timely and accurate information on claims status
  • Files claims with Insurance and ensures complete submission by the company of complete requirements for insurance recovery
  • Receives filed claims from customer’s office (on-site)
  • Confirms and screens the filed claims basing from the policy and guidelines that was agreed with the customer
  • Process claims for payment
  • Prepares denial letter if claim is deemed not valid and disseminates denial letters directly to client
  • Coordinates with accounting for prompt release of check for payment
  • Distributes checks directly to customers and safe keeps the waiver from the latter.
  • Negotiates with customer any ambiguity when a claim should or should not be filed.
  • Supervises Claims RUD in-charge personnel assigned on customer’s office.
  • Schedules monthly coordination meeting with customer.

Job Qualifications

  • Any four-year (4) course, preferably but not limited to Legal Management or any business course.
  • With a minimum one-year (1) experience from a Logistics/Forwarding company.

Skills and Competencies Requirements

Preferably with Accounting background.

Application Form