Position Details


  • To ensure all operations are conducted in a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective manner to meet the needs of the Business and sustain profitable growth.
  • To ensure effective warehouse operations aligned with GWP standards set by internal Quality Team and Client-Set expectations.
  • To ensure efficient operation and ensure that all cost, quality, and performance targets were achieved together and in coordination with transport and forwarding activities in client-principal to store delivery fulfillment.
  • Maintains regular coordination with internal business units to develop sustainable initiatives on the current contract. As well as provide open opportunities for business expansion.
  • Ensure that the company’s operations are up to date and to produce daily profitability analysis and appropriate KPIs.
  • Oversees and ensures all related financial responsibilities, revenue sales are invoiced in a timely and accurate manner. All costs are verified for payment clearance.
  • Responsible for overseeing the profitability of its operation by actively participating in reviewing the P&L reports and critiquing all revenue and cost items.
  • Determine organization structure, roles and responsibilities, and performance targets for its operating unit.
  • Develop a culture of quality, service excellence (for internal customers), flexibility, and cost-consciousness.
  • Maintain Good Transport & Warehousing standards. Ensure all staff training is up to date and legally compliant.
  • Continually enhance and develop operations in all areas. Stay ahead of legislative changes that could affect the operations.
  • Assist the Business Development and Solution Design team to convert, and implement new business opportunities.
  • Plans and strategize with the team and implements actions aligned with the Principal’s requirements for more effective and efficient operations and services.
  • Oversees the proper implementation of safety and security of all warehouse facilities, including the institutionalization of the annual emergency and evacuation plan.
  • Reviews and analyzes P&L as it specifically involves Transport Gross Profit and Net Operating Profit.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by superior.

Job Qualifications

  • Graduate of any 4-year course.
  • At least 5 years experience in the same field or industry in a managerial capacity.

Skills and Competencies Requirements

  • Knowledge in Warehouse Management System
  • Process Improvement

Application Form