Position Details


1. Conduct immediate attestation of incident upon receipt from Terminal Operations/Customer Inter-action Center (CIC).
2. Reviews and evaluates all work-related accident reports for completeness and clarity of data; analyzes data, as needed, to ensure compliance with policy and regulatory requirements.
3.Receives and validates filed claims forwarded by Claims Assistant on reviewing prearranged screening requirements to assemble or convene pre-settlement of claims filed.
4. Evaluates and investigates all customer’s claims filed by following claims policies and procedures, in view of that pinpoints liable party and recommends claim for payment if it is order and denies if not valid.
5. Conducts an exhaustive investigation of the claim for the purpose of establishing and localizing liability through course of gathering of facts/documents to support his findings.
6. Ensures that adjudication of claims is substantiated with all the necessary supporting documents by following claims and procedures accordingly to meet the standard documentation process.
7. Refers claims to branches/agencies, alliances and concerned third parties through proper deliverance of claim notices to address certain issues.
8. Investigates and replies branch claim referrals and inquiries through an appropriate coordination and communication to come up with a resolution.
9. Prepares Claims Investigation Report (CIR) if claim is recommended for denial, payment in partial or in full. Prepares denial letter if claim is not valid for payment.
10. Joint inspection of damaged cargoes subject for disposal with Asset Disposal Committee (ADC).
11. Prepares the Certificate for Disposal (CFD) and through suitable coordination with Asset Disposal Committee for cargo disposal/condemnation.
12. Schedule physical turn-over of approved CFD.
13. Receives and evaluates claim documents following the standard documentation process for docketing in the Claims System.
14. Dockets Cargo claims and assigns said claims to corresponding Claims Specialist for claims processing.
15. Conduct plant visit as needed.
16. Monthly Claims Recon with Customer.
17. Daily monitoring of the documents transmitted to approving authorities.
18. Maintain Online Repository for approved claims.
19. Processing of claims within 30 days.
20. Maintain good relationship with the customers/clients, bidder, insurance agents, etc.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any 4-year course with accounting background, surveying skill is an advantage.
  • At least 2 years of relevant working experience

Skills and Competencies Requirements

  • Oral & Written Communication
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Customer Service
  • Report writing

Application Form